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Backflow Testing Certification Services in Atlanta, GA

Did you know that in Atlanta, GA, city code requires commercial businesses and some residential homeowners to properly install, maintain and regularly test for backflow? At Plumb Works Inc, our employees are properly licensed, certified and insured to perform backflow testing.

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Backflow Defined

Backflow is essentially the mixing of clean potable drinking water with unsafe, contaminated water. Backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction of its proper course (hence the name).

There are various causes of backflow including burst pipes or leaking which changes the water pressure within the piping system. An intact, well-functioning plumbing system keeps internal water pressure at a consistent level to ensure water flows in the direction of its intended course.

There are two types of backflow:


This creates a vacuum in the supply pipeline which is usually from a burst pipe.


This occurs when the pressure in the supply line is less than the pressure exerted by outside sources of water such as boilers, tank, and pumps.

Why Backflow Can Be Dangerous

With most large metropolitan areas, there are many cross-connections between drinking (potable) water lines and non-potable water lines which contain contaminants and pollutants. Depending on the types of chemicals mixed with the potable water, and the duration of time it has been mixed, backflow can cause severe illness. Most commonly, these cross-connections occur between irrigation systems that contain fertilizers, HVAC systems which may have bacteria build-up and fire suppression systems.

Backflow Testing

To prevent the dangers associated with backflow, it’s important to install a backflow preventer, commonly referred to as a check valve and have it annually tested and certified. A backflow check valve is a mechanical component that stops water from flowing backward.

When you book a backflow test with Plumb Works Inc, a certified backflow tester will conduct a backflow analysis. This is a routine and quick process which involves connecting a test kit to your check valve and shutting off all water downstream during the test. The certified test will ensure the valve is working correctly, note any repairs that need to be done, and complete a test report to the state whether you are in compliance with the municipal code.

Ensure your drinking water is clean and safe by testing your backflow preventer annually. Failure to comply with the bylaw may result in a fine or discontinued water service.

Trust Plumb Works Inc’s team of certified and professional backflow testers. Call us at 404-524-1825 to book your Atlanta, GA backflow test today.