Community Involvement

At Plumb Works Inc, we make every effort to give back to the community as much as possible. Why? Our community has kept us in business for over 25 years and for that we are grateful. We are passionate about keeping our communities healthy and making sure we take care of our neighbors as they have taken care of us.

We Love Giving Back

We’re happy to support the following nonprofits in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area:

Ahimsa House


Ahimsa House is a non-profit that helps human and animal victims of domestic violence throughout Georgia. The organization takes care of the pets of victims of domestic violence while they seek safety at shelters. We are proud to support an organization that validates and raises awareness of the connection between the two.



amplify my community

This music-based charity got its start 6 years ago planning concerts and giving the proceeds back to a local charity. It was a win-win for both the charity and the bands that participated since the bands got exposure and the charity got the proceeds which would go to initiatives that combat poverty and homelessness. To date, the concerts have generated over $210,000 for nonprofits. We are proud to be a part of what Amplify is doing in the community and very happy to support their mission.


PHCC logo

PHCC was founded in 1987 to develop the workforce, provide management education and technical training to increase the skills of those in the plumbing and HVAC industry. It would be a shame not to support The PHCC Educational Foundation. We are proud to support their mission and give back in a meaningful way to the future of the individuals that belong to our own industry.

We’re proud to serve our community and give back to organizations that we feel are making great strides for the better in Atlanta and the surrounding area. While we are committed to these charities, our passion for our community the people in it extends beyond the nonprofits we support. When you call us for service, you’ll see the difference it makes working with a team that truly cares for the people and the families we serve.

Decatur Education Foundation

Decatur Education Foundation

We are proud to serve the community by sponsoring the Tour Decatur hosted by the Decatur Education Foundation.  This organization supports Decatur youth by removing obstacles that impede learning and give opportunity to find success in school and life.  By providing these opportunities, Decatur Education Foundation accelerates and deepens leaning that empowers kids to make a positive contribution to the world. Support for teachers and educational programs ensure that kids have meaningful classroom experiences.

We are committed to helping our communities provide great experiences for our kids.