Atlanta Drain Cleaning Services

Slow draining and foul odors are signs that you need to clean your drains. Call Plumb Works Inc at 404-524-1825 for Atlanta, GA drain cleaning and clog repair services. View our latest selection of coupons and great online offers here.

Drain Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA

The efficiency and cleanliness of the drains around your home have a large impact on your day-to-day life. After all, nobody wants to have company over when the kitchen sink is clogged and emitting pungent odors. Standing shin-deep in your shower in soapy residue is also no fun.

Since 1989, Plumb Works Inc has been helping residents of Atlanta, GA clean even the most stubborn and challenging drain clogs. Our fully licensed and insured team of technicians is here for your urgent plumbing matters — even after business hours. Read our customer testimonials when you click here.

We Clean All Types of Drains

Many warning signs indicate you have a clog including slow draining, leaking, strange gurgling sounds and foul odors. If you’ve noticed water that backsplashes into another fixture after you’ve flushed the toilet, this may be a sign of a deeper issue with the main line. Here are a few common types of drains we can help clean:

Shower and bathtub drain

If you guessed that hair is the most common source of clogging in the bathroom, you’re right. Hair combines with soap and shampoo residue to create a tangled mess.

Bathroom sink drain

Toothpaste and soap residue are the main clogging culprits here, along with the occasional wedding ring or earring. We’ll help clear your drain while fishing out any valuables for you.

Kitchen sink drain

This busy sink is prone to clogging with food debris, grease, and soap. We hope nobody in your household is still dumping grease and coffee grounds down the drain — these are definite no-nos. Use a drain catcher to stop any large particles from going down your drain.

Floor drain

A floor drain is handy in case of flooding. Do you have one in your laundry room or basement? Some types of floor drains should be filled with water to neutralize smells and prevent sewer gas from entering your home.

Toilet drain

If you just stick with a little bit of toilet paper, you should be okay. However, we often find paper towels, sanitary napkins and many, many toy action figures clogging the toilet.

Be Proactive and Prepared

The best way to prevent clogs is to be mindful of what is being flushed. Toilet lid locks are helpful if small children keep finding a way to flush toys down. Beware of harsh chemical drain cleaners. These can harm the inside of your pipes with repeated use and sometimes cause corrosion.

If you ever have a severe drain backup, familiarize yourself with where your main water shutoff valve is located. Need emergency drain cleaning? Call Plumb Works Inc at 404-524-1825 for reliable emergency plumbing repair services.

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