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Plumbing Services in Chamblee, GA

Plumb Works Inc is a family owned business operating in Chamblee, GA and surrounding areas since 1989. Our dedication to providing exceptional service is the reason our customers have chosen us as the ‘Best Pick’ by Home Reports for eight years (and counting).

Whether you need emergency repair service, or would like your drains professionally cleaned, our team of fully licensed and insured technicians are here to serve you. Enjoy our fair and honest upfront flat rates that take the guesswork out. Read our customer reviews here.

Harness the Power of Water with Hydrojetting

Forget about harsh chemical cleaners. If you have severely clogged pipes that have years of caked-on, built-up debris, hydrojetting may be the answer to your problems. Plumb Works Inc uses a hydrojetter machine that is connected to a boiler to blast hot water at high-pressure into your pipes. Hydrojetting helps to:

  • Clear out and remove any embedded tree roots.
  • Remove years of grease, sand, silt, and other household debris.
  • Neutralize any foul, lingering odors.

This quick process is safe to use on all types of pipes and is an eco-friendly way to perform heavy-duty cleaning without the need for corrosive chemicals.

The Trouble with Tree Roots

If you have any trees planted close to underground pipelines in your yard, chances are the roots have found a way to penetrate the pipes. Once tree roots have detected a water source (your pipes), they grow in the direction of the pipes until they reach it. The tree root applies enough pressure to eventually crack open the pipe. Once inside the pipe, the root grows in all directions and creates massive blockages which can lead to burst pipes.

The types of trees that are infamous for pipe intrusions include willow, birch, elm, ash, and poplar. While no yard is complete without a tree or two, the best way to prevent tree root intrusion is to be aware of your underground pipe layout and avoid planting trees close by. Hydrojetting is an effective means of minimizing and clearing out tree root growth.

Quick, Reliable Burst Pipe Repair

If you have the misfortune of having a burst pipe after regular business hours, don’t fret. Our reliable team of technicians are available after hours for fast emergency repair services.

While you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive, here’s a temporary quick-fix tip (for smaller leaks) if you have a sleeve clamp that fits your pipe. A sleeve clamp is made up of two semicircles that enclose the pipe when assembled. To minimize dripping, cover the leaking section with gasket material and screw together the sleeve clamp to tighten it.

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