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When drains slow right down and become backed-up, forget about the chemical drain cleaner and call a professional plumber instead. Did you know that many types of store-bought chemical drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can corrode and weaken your pipes with repeated use?

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Get Your Drains Clean and Clear of Debris

While it may seem like an easy solution, chemical drain cleaners are at best, temporary fixes. The chemical solution is designed to help dissolve the clog blocking your pipe. What often happens is that the chemical cleaner only partially dissolves the clog leaving your drain prone to clogging again in the near future.

The inside of your pipes are malleable and are sensitive to the harsh chemicals contained in many store-bought solutions. That’s why we recommend you use these types of cleaners sparingly.

Plumb Works Inc uses the latest tools and technologies to effectively clear clogs and cleans the inside of your pipes. For severely backed up drains and old, clogged pipes, hydrojetting may be the solution for you. Hydrojetting uses the power of heated water blasted through your pipes at high pressure to safely and efficiently clear out years of debris, sediments, and even tree root intrusions.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the leading causes of burst pipes, and while it isn’t usually a problem in Georgia, it can happen during a particularly cold snap. There are a few simple ways you can protect your pipes from freezing including:

  • Close garage doors if water supply lines run through your garage.
  • Insulate your crawl space, basement or attic to reduce cold air drafts and lock in warmth.
  • Let cold water trickle down from the faucet that’s serviced by any exposed pipes. This prevents the exposed pipe from freezing.
  • Consider insulating or professionally relocating pipes that are exposed.
  • Keep the heat on if you are away from home in the winter for a few days (set your thermostat at 55° F or higher).

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