Make Your Home Smarter With Plumbing Automation Services

Home automation systems are taking over consumers’ lives—and this is not a bad thing.

Worried you left your coffee pot on when you left the house? Are your kids are actually doing their homework when they say they are?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry anymore. With a smart home, you can turn your coffee pot off, view your home’s activity, and many more activities when you’re not even home!

By connecting your smartphone or tablet with your home appliances, you have control of your home literally at your fingertips.

But, the power of home automation systems doesn’t stop here. When your smart home devices are connected, they can communicate with each other, preventing home disasters.

Smart Home

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology refers to the ability of a home to control its appliances, lighting, heating and air conditioning, audio and video systems, security cameras and more.

How Does it Work?

These home appliances and systems can be controlled remotely by an individual’s phone or computer, a time schedule, or other monitoring methods.

Any device that uses electricity can be added to your home’s network. This allows your home to adjust its temperature, turn lights on or off, and complete other commands.

Why Are Smart Homes Important?

Smart homes are important because they provide easy ways to monitor your home’s activity.

They add extra security for your home’s appliances, heating and air conditioning systems and more.

Without home automation systems, you could leave electrical appliances on, resulting in a fire.

In addition, not having smart home technology makes it easier for burglars to break in and steal valuables from your home.

Having your home’s appliances and systems connected allows you to detect and prevent issues before they arise.

This can save you thousands of dollars, by preventing flood and other disaster damage.

Which Smart Home Device is Best?

Although the best smart home devices vary depending on homeowners’ unique needs, the most valuable ones protect your home’s security.

These include:

  • Security Cameras
  • Flood & Water Leak Detection/ Plumbing Automation Services
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Light Control
  • Energy Monitoring

How to Create a Smart Home

To create a smart home, you will first need a smartphone or tablet.

This is where you will receive alerts if your home automation system notices anything unordinary.

Next, you should start by researching various home automation options to discover which smart home devices are most important to you.

If your neighborhood is known for experiencing robberies, you should invest in a smart home security camera.

If you don’t remember the last time your plumbing system was inspected, you should look into a whole house water alarm system.

Some products you can buy on Amazon, but others you will want professionally purchased and installed.

Smart Home Water DetectionWhere to Start: Smart Home Leak Detection

To start your smart home innovations, you should contact a professional.

If you live in Atlanta, Plumb Works Inc can install your plumbing automation services, including a smart home leak detection system. Our professionals will connect your water sensor and leak detector and can answer any questions you may have.

Water Leak Effects

Water leaks in your home can create considerable amounts of damage.

Undetected leaks often ruin your home’s furnishings, increase your water bill, and cost hundreds or more to repair.

Replacing your flooring, carpet, and other damaged areas is not easy.

Water leaks also produce favorable conditions for mold and mildew. Living with and breathing these harmful irritants can make you very sick.

Water Leak Detection & Prevention Tips

To avoid the unnecessary consequences of water damage, you should actively participate in water leak detection and prevention.

The best option in detecting and preventing water leaks in your home is by utilizing Smart Home Leak Detection.

You can do this by consulting with a professional plumbing company and installing a whole house water alarm system.

However, there are other options available.

Water Leak Detection

  • Check for punctures and kinks in your hosing and pipes
  • Check for warning signs such as warped flooring, sharp increase in water bill, rust colored water, and corrosion

Water Leak Prevention

  • Add insulation to your pipes
  • Disconnect outside lines during winter or when not in use

What is a Water Alarm System?

water leak detection device

A water alarm system is an emergency shut-down device placed around water heaters, washing machines, and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

These items include sensors that detect water leaks and automatically turn off your home’s water supply when they encounter water.

Water alarm systems prevent flooding by deactivating your home’s water when a water leak is detected.

Water Leak Prevention Products:

There are a variety of water leak prevention products.  Plumb Works Inc is proud to offer Flo Technologies and WaterCop automatic systems to homes and families.

Serving Atlanta for over 25 years, our skilled and knowledgeable plumbers have found a water alarm system that works for homes, apartments, vacation properties, commercial businesses and more.

Water shut-off systems are extremely helpful when you go out of down, are not at home, and for seniors’ homes.

Water alarm systems and similar products are also called:

  • Smart Home Leak Detector
  • Smart Home Water Sensor

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Plumbing?

Smart home plumbing is used for many reasons, but mostly because it does the following:

  • Prevents water leak & flooding
  • Eliminates water damage
  • Provides a peace of mind when away from home
  • Controls water bill when there is a leak
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Stops stains from forming on your home’s ceiling

Smart home plumbing with a device allows you to protect your home from flooding and other negative effects of water leaks. Keep your home safe, leak free, and enjoyable.

Flood damage can be costly to repair and electronic data, photographs, antiques and heirlooms are often impossible to replace.

Investing in smart home plumbing allows you to protect your home and the things inside that you love most.

Although home insurance may help with repair costs in Atlanta, your insurance rates may increase or your policy cancel after flood damage.

Have you fell victim to frozen or burst pipes, flood damage or another plumbing disaster? Don’t let water leaks or a faulty plumbing system ruin your home.

Make the most of your smart home, by calling Plumb Works Inc. to install your water monitoring and alarm system.

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