10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Technology has changed our lives and invaded every facet of the home. We scour the market for the latest tech and try to determine how to apply it to different areas of our Atlanta home’s to stay on the leading edge of comfort, convenience, and conservation. The bathroom is one of the greatest examples of this reality. There are several new innovations that enhance the bathroom experience and several reasons for you to remodel your bathroom.

Atlanta GA, Bathroom remodeling1 – Resale Value

The economic climate is something that is very difficult to determine. There are so many different factors. If you are considering selling your home, you should do everything that you can to enhance the value lest you find that you are reducing the price far more than you would like to. Improving the bathroom and giving it some spa-like qualities is an important feature that will excite buyers. The following would serve as powerful bargaining resources that would justify maintaining your high asking price:

• A steam shower

• Heated floors

• Floating sink

• High-tech toilet

2 – Entertainment

Entertainment is spreading to every aspect of life. We always want to have our minds engaged and our intellect stimulated. That is why so many people install their entertainment in the bathroom. Whether a toilet or a shower head is equipped with audio or you have an independent stereo system installed in the bathroom, it is a great option for optimizing your bathroom experience. You can listen to your favorite album, radio station or even play a podcast while you are in the bathroom. You will never have to sit in the bathroom with nothing to engage your mind again.

3 – Safe For Seniors

Senior citizens often need to use a walker to support their body weight. But when they go in the shower, they have to rely a bit too much on the legs and this can be difficult. Many bathrooms come equipped with a support bar for them to lean into so that they do not need to worry about falling over onto the floor.

If you have seniors or otherwise handicapped individuals in your home, you probably need a bit of bathroom remodeling. It is also worth noting that equipping your home with these features are a great selling point, and amy increase the market value of your home.

4 – Heated Towels

Warm towels are very comfortable. That is why many airlines offer heated towels to their first class passengers. They are cozy. When you pull a towel out of the dryer, you probably notice how fresh it feels. Many people who are considering bathroom remodeling are installing heated towel racks so that every time they step out of the shower, they can have this experience and enjoy the sensation. This is another feature that reminds many people of a spa. The modern bathroom is becoming more and more like a spa.

5 – You Are Ready For A Change

Sometimes life is just boring. Everything is the same as it always was and nothing seems new. You bought your house years ago, and while there may have been some minor improvements or adjustments, you are generally just becoming more bored with your home and the lack of amenities that it offers.

It is a good home and a suitable place to live, but it is just boring, uninteresting, and does not have the latest updates. If you are ready for a change in your life, then you should consider remodeling your bathroom, you owe it not only to yourself and your family but to the home itself. Your bathroom can make a tremendous difference in your outlook and in the value of your property.

6 – Environmental Awareness

There is a heightened environmental awareness in the modern day. Bands of nations, states, communities, families, and individuals are making commitments to do more to prevent the depletion of resources on our planet. Many of these resources are used in the bathroom. Water needs to be preserved as much as (if not more than) paper and plastic. There are many toilets and shower heads that are designed specifically for this purpose. If you would like to contribute to the preservation of resources, consider using some of the following:

• Waterless toilets that change human waste into fertilizer

• Low-flow showers

• LED lights

• A sink that turns off automatically

7 – Too Much Clutterbathroom, clean and simple

When you go into your bathroom, what do you see? Are all of your appliances scattered across the sink? Are they stuffed into a single compartment? Do you have trouble finding the makeup that you need because it is just so unorganized?

One of the trends in bathroom remodeling is to have organization cabinets that resemble dressers under the sink. Everything will be within your reach, easy to locate, and yet out of the way so that you bathroom does not look cluttered.

8 – His & Her Sinks

Every morning, you and your partner need to brush your teeth and get ready for the day. How long is that going to take you? Do you need to wait for your spouse? What are you even going to do until they are done? What can you do before getting ready? This is one of the most frustrating parts of the morning. One or both of you will often be late because you are always waiting for the other person. If you have this problem, then you probably need to consider installing a second sink so that one will be designated to each of you.

9 – Space

While it may seem like the space problem is just something that you cannot get around, there are several clever maneuver that many Atlanta homeowners will employ so that they can have more space. One of the most popular is to use a glass door in the shower so that it is transparent. This will give the illusion of space.

10 – You Want Creativity

The bathroom is a great place to be creative. People recognize that there are opportunities that do not exist in any other room. You can even use dark colors and designs because of the high quality lighting that is in the bathroom. Get creative!

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