The Cause of Your Gurgling Toilet

Common Causes of a Gurgling Toilet

Our toilets are some of the most important parts of our homes. When they malfunction, you could be dealing with a serious problem. One common plumbing issue that you might be running into is a gurgling toilet.

Below you’ll find some reasons why your toilet is gurgling:

Drain Blockage
A clear drain allows waste to move freely through the system. When our drains get blocked, it’s hard for water to continuously flow through the pipes, which might be causing a gurgling sound.

Clogged Toilet
When substances get caught in our toilets, a blockage is usually the result. As the toilet struggles to transfer the waste, you might hear a gurgling noise.Gurgling Toilet

A Blocked Vent Stack
When we flush our toilet, we have a vent on our roof that allows air to pass through freely. Without these vents, the system doesn’t work properly. These vents might get blocked by leaves or other debris, and a gurgling sound may be a sign of a blocked vent stack.

Main Sewer Line Blockage
As we dispose our materials through our plumbing system, it moves through our sewer line to the city’s sewer system or to our septic tank. But sometimes these main sewer lines can get blocked. This can lead to a toilet gurgling.

Air in Water Lines
Since we use our plumbing system on a daily basis, air can sometimes get trapped in our water lines. When this happens, you might hear a large banging sound or a gurgle.

Another Leak in the Home
When it comes to plumbing equipment in our homes, every piece works together. When one component doesn’t work correctly, it can mess up your whole system. If you have another leak somewhere inside your home, that could be the culprit of the gurgling sound.

Sediment Backup
When sediment starts to backup, it could be a cause of the gurgling sound you’re experiencing. If you notice that the water backing up is dirty, it could be coming from the sewer line instead of your home’s plumbing system, which is a more serious problem.

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