conserve water with a rain barrel

Water Conservation Tips

The summer months mean trips to the lake, barbecues with the family, and making lasting memories with loved ones. By as the summers provide many great times with friends and family, they also provide a lack of water. As the heat dries out much of the water in the Atlanta area, we must do our best in water conservation efforts. As things begin to dry up around the whole United States, the more water we can conserve the better. Looking for water conversation tips during the hot summer months? Check them out below:

Use a Rain Barrel
A rain barrel traps rainwater and stores it in a tank for use later on. These barrels are primarily used for planting and watering soil, but they’re also a great way to store water for emergencies.

Turning Off Faucet While Not In Use
One of the leading causes of wasted water in our homes is when we use our faucet when we don’t need to. Here are scenarios where we see tons of water being wasted:

  • Showering
  • Washing hands
  • Brushing teeth
  • Doing dishes
  • Cleaning

Although these scenarios are a part of life, there are ways to still use these while cutting down on water waste. While you’re scrubbing your hands, turn off the faucet until you’re ready for more water. While brushing your teeth, try turning the water off while you’re brushing. By doing these simple tasks, you can greatly reduce the amount of water usage in your home.

Fix Plumbing Leaks
Although you can cut down on water usage by simple changes to your routine, fixing leaks becomes the top priority for water conservation. Depending on the severity of these leaks, you can end up wasting dozens of gallons a day by not fixing a leak. That being said, fixing leaks in your home is extremely important. Not only can it help you conserve more water, it can greatly reduce the chance of a huge spike on your water bill.

Install Water Saving Shower Heads and Toilets
When it comes to using water in our homes, we use the most while taking showers. Depending on how long we take showers, we could be wasting hundreds of dollars each year on unnecessary water usage. One solution involves the installation of water-saving shower heads and toilets. After studying how much water we really need for showing and using the toilet, engineers have designed this efficient, water-saving plumbing equipment.

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