Holiday Foods that Should Never Go Down Your Drain!  

No food should ever go down a drain that doesn’t have a garbage disposal, and even drains with the best disposals have limits as well. While some foods grind up and wash away perfectly fine, there are a number of others –some obvious and some surprises – that you should never put in your drain.

Turkey Bones – Actually, bones of any type can damage a garbage-disposal, or wedge themselves in your plumbing and quickly create a clog.

Pumpkin Guts and Seeds – They seem innocent enough but, fibrous pumpkin guts can wrap themselves around your disposal’s blades or quickly harden in your trap. Pumpkin seeds can also damage your disposal’s blades or get snagged by soft debris lining the pipes.

Egg Shells – Eggshells don’t grind up well. Pieces of shell that remain after a trip through the disposal can linger in your pipes for a long time. The Egg’s hard shell can be tough on disposal blades, as well.

Gravy, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing, and Cooking Oil – These foods stick to the pipes, thicken, and mix with other debris to slowly but surely choke off your drain.

Grease or Fat – Because they’re heavier than water, grease and fat quickly sink to your drain’s trap and solidify when they cool down.

Coffee Grounds – It’s easy to picture coffee grounds sailing through your pipes without issue. But, because they’re not entirely water-soluble, coffee grounds stick to any grease or oil already coating the pipes and create a real mess.

Even the most conscientious cooks occasionally wind up with a clogged drain. If holiday foods get the better of your drain (or if you have any plumbing problems for that matter), give us a call. We are a family run since 1989, offer honest and upfront pricing, and the highest quality professional service.