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Why is My Water Brown?

While plumbing problems come in all different shapes and sizes, some are more drastic than others. But whether you have a small leak or a bursting pipe, plumbing issues must be repaired quickly. Not only can these problems be annoying and costly, they can really drive up your water bills. But in order to properly detect plumbing issues and decide on the best course of action, understanding what to look for is very beneficial. One common plumbing issue is when you see brown water coming from your faucets, sinks, or showers. If you notice brown water coming from your system, it’s best to seek a professional right away. If you live in the Atlanta area, give Plumb Works Inc. a call! We would be happy to inspect your plumbing system and see if it needs any attention. So are you wondering what it means when you see brown water? Check out this list below to find out what this brown water indicates:

  • A Rusted Pipe
    If you notice brown water running from your sink, toilet, or bathtub, a rusted pipe could be the cause. Over time, pipes will usually see a buildup of rust. As debris flows through your system, this rust could get dislodged. It’s best to repair these pipes if rust is the culprit. Call us today to make an appointment!
  • Aging Hot Water Heater
    If rusted pipes aren’t causing your brown water, it could be the result of an old water heater. To check on this, run your water on both the hot and cold setting. If the brown water is coming from the hot water only, it could mean that your water heater needs to be flushed out. This could be from muddy water or rust in your water heater. Having a plumbing inspection will tell you for sure.
  • Old or Damaged Pipes
    Brown water in your plumbing system can also be the result of old or damaged pipes. Especially in older plumbing systems, the piping can be very outdated. With the changes that have occurred to our water throughout the years, old plumbing isn’t designed for the type of water we use on a daily basis. Call us today for a reliable plumbing inspection.

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